Dropping the big bucks

Note: I am post-dating these entries to make it more chronological. I apologize for any strange mistakes that I might make.

After the crazy first day… we were ready for a slower day.

We met up with the Jeannie, the agent, and landlady to sign the letter of intent and put down a S$4.5K “good faith deposit”. Luckily we had enough to just cover the deposit.

We headed over to Holland Village to check out the banks since we needed to open an account. We needed to pay rent eventually…

We had a little snack at Bread Talk and saw this funny pastry (didn’t try it though):

Anyways, for banks, we ended up at POSB (owned by DBS) because they only required the student letter from INSEAD, a passport, and S$500 deposit. It took quite a while because there were many other INSEAD students opening accounts. The staff said it wasn’t as bad as the week before when NUS started, the wait time then was 1.5 hours.

There went bowling and had dinner at the Beach Hut which is located on Marine Cove. It’s near the water and we sat outdoors. It was rather nice to relax and have good conversation.

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