Little India and Night Safari

Note: I am post-dating these entries to make it more chronological. I apologize for any strange mistakes that I might make.

We headed out to Little India today to have lunch and for some shopping. We didn’t exactly know where we were going so just took the MRT to the Little India stop. We stopped by a random restaurant to eat and this is what we had:

It was known as a chicken meal set served on a banana leaf. It was chicken masala and pretty tasty. We found out we didn’t eat it right though as we used a fork and spoon. Other customers around us were using one hand to mix the food and sauces and to eat. Next time we know.

We walked down a bit further and stopped at Mustafa Center as we heard it has 24 hour shopping and has anything you want. It seriously was a bit overwhelming because there was so much to see. They have all electronics, clothing, food, linens, shoes, toiletries, makeup, sporting goods, luggage, stationary, books, purses, pens, automotive care, watches, jewelry, etc etc. I had to buy some better walking shoes and Ron got some socks. It was a bit exhausting so we headed back to rest a little before heading to the Night Safari

We met up around 6pm with our flatmates and Joyce, a prof at NUS and from the US. Look how happy we are BEFORE entering the attraction:

We had a bite to eat at Bongo Burger (not the same as in the US) waiting for it to get dark. We decided to do the walking trails and not take the tram. About an hour into the walk, it started to drizzle a little… then suddenly it started raining cats and dogs complete with thunder and lightning. We ended up having to seek shelter and get rain ponchos from one of the staff. They encouraged us to leave after waiting a bit to see if the storm would subside. It wasn’t going to so we took the tram (for free) back to the beginning. Look how happy we still are AFTER the rainstorm:

We realized the tram is a better idea as it takes you around to see more animals. The walking trail is limited but more upclose. So it’s probably a good idea to do both. We missed all the shows though because they were all cancelled for the storm.

We were sad we were rained out but at least we have a story to tell.

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