Duk Bok Kee and China One

We are leaving in 2 days for Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit the temples and explore the city. Unfortunately, visitors are still a risk of getting malaria from the mosquitos, I had to go today to buy some long sleeved shirts to cover up.

Gladys and I rushed over to Holland Village after Aqua Gym. She showed me the air conditioned food court there and I was so happy to discover they had duk bok kee at the Korean place.

This dish reminds me so much of college, I loved these chewy “rice pinkies” at a place called KoKo House (although it’s no longer open) but it’s been so hard to find here or anywhere for that matter. This dish was a little different though because the noodles weren’t round but, rather square. It also needed some fish cake but otherwise, it was pretty good.

After lunch, we headed to Song & Song to look for some long sleeved shirts. I found two for myself (from Gap for $5 and Abercrombie for $8) and one for Ron (from BR for $5), so cheap!

Then I rushed to NUH Retail Pharmacy to get some medicines for our trip, just in case. I’m not sure if I mentioned before, but they have three classes of medication here: general sale, pharmacy only, and prescriptionn only. It seems the only general sale item here is paracetamol (= acetaminophen). From the pharmacy I picked up some ibuprofen (for inflammation/pain), loperamide (for diarrhea), cinnarizine (for nausea), and loratadine (for allergies). They were overall pretty inexpensive, ranging from $1 to $4 for 10-20 pills.

Afterwards, Ron and I headed over to the Dover Clinic to visit the doctor for malaria prophylaxis. You can actually buy mefloquine (Larium) at the pharmacy and it’s a once weekly pill but I fear the side effects. Malarone (proguanil/atovaquone) is another pill but it costs $8 a pill! plus I also fear the side effects. So we went to ask the doctor for doxycycline which has much less side effects and is also one of the drugs recommended for malaria prophylaxis. The combined cost of the doctor’s visit and the medication was only $30.

Since it was Wednesday, of course there was Bar of the Week. However, most of the MBA participants were busy writing a paper that was due on Friday and since many people were leaving for travelling, they needed to finish tonight to turn it in tomorrow. Ron finished so we headed to the Bar of the Week:
China One
in Clarke Quay.

The place was pretty empty when we arrived around 10pm but the live band was pretty good and they had pool and a video game console to play on.

I tried their lychee martini:

Those lychees were pretty refreshing. Plus Ron and I shared this huge Hoegaarden beer:

Here is how we’re looking these days:

One more day till we leave for Cambodia!

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