Gayatri Restaurant

One last day of shopping before leaving for our trip. I headed over to Sim Lim Square to buy an extra camera battery and a charger for my Nintendo DS. I was afraid our camera would run out of batteries if we were out all day taking pictures and I’ve beenn without my Nintendo DS since we arrived because my charger wasn’t compatible with the voltage here.

I did some online research to find out prices before going but, to shorten the story, I’m a bad haggler and most of the places did not carry our particular battery so I didn’t get ripped off but I also didn’t get a really good deal either. The DS charger was okay though, it was what I expected to pay, less than S$20.

Sime Lim is at least 5 stories so it took me quite a while to go through the whole place. I was exhausted afterwards but still had to go buy a few things for the trip so I went to Holland Village again.

Tonight was Thursday Foody (instead of the usual Friday Foody since not that many people would be around) at Gayatri Restaurant in Little India. Apparently it’s one of the famous banana leaf restaurants.

They had one of those cool systems where you can press a button at your table to call for service. It got quite annoying though because the ringing is loud and we were sitting near the kitchen so we could hear it loud and clear.

You could order in front of the kitchen. They had all sorts of meats, with marinade and without.


Fish head curry with okra:

Naan, fish curry, masala chicken, okra, tandoori chicken, and mutton (in the middle):

Cauliflower (heat hot and sweet):

Chicken 65 (supposedly made with 65 spices):

Egg dosa:

Happily full after a good meal:

We had a bit of a fiasco getting home although we really needed to get home to finish packing. We couldn’t hail a cab so we decided to take the MRT. Problem was we didn’t know exactly where it was so ended up walking around and around until we found it. The MRT was packed but we eventually got to our stop. But then we couldn’t get a cab from the MRT home so we ended up walking.

It was exhausting but I’m excited to go on vacation!

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