Early Birthday Celebration

Day 362 = February 27, 2011

Simon now has his own drawer in the kitchen that he can play with. It is filled with plastic containers and lids plus some plastic utensils. He enjoys digging in it and putting things back inside. Something so simple keeps him entertained.

Today we celebrated Simon’s birthday a bit early with our family and a few close friends. Yesterday and this morning I prepared all the desserts and Simon’s first birthday cake. They were inspired by some of Simon’s favorite fruits.

Mini blueberry cheesecakes.

Recipe from I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook, uses their brand vanilla wafers, marscapone, cream cheese, sugar, lemon zest, and blueberries.

Strawberry Banana Cupcakes with Greek Yogurt Frosting.

Recipe needs more strawberries as the banana flavor was overwhelming. Also the greek yogurt frosting was more like icing, very runny so maybe needed more powdered sugar to thicken it up.

Lemon zest cupcakes with Lemon Marscapone Frosting.

Cake was delicious IMO although a bit dense. Frosting was yummy, would be great on top of waffles.

Simon’s cake was a double layer vanilla cake with whipped cream frosting and strawberries. Adapted from a diabetic recipe so low in sugar.

Cake was very dense and since not sweet, didn’t taste very good. I’m glad Simon wasn’t in the mood to eat cake or else he would have been disappointed.

For our guests’ thank you favors, oatmeal chocolate chip sea salt cookies.

I would make these again for ourselves, addicting in a way, you can’t just eat one.

The salt crystals on top added a pleasant lingering taste to the cookie.

Simon wanted us to spend the big bucks on his party so pulled out our credit cards, ready to charge away.

We had the party at Zeum Children’s Museum for the nice venue and fun activities available for families. However, during cake time, Simon wasn’t interested in blowing out the candle, he wanted to touch the flame.

He wasn’t in the mood to eat the cake either, just to play with the frosting.

He didn’t get to open his presents at the party either since he was exhausted but checked them out when we got home.

He hasn’t figured out how to rip open wrapping paper yet.

He showed us today how fast he is growing up. He is starting to understand a lot more than he lets on. In this video, we are asking him to look for his Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, and Ziggy the Zebra. It amazed us that he knew what we were talking about and would scan the room looking for his stuffed animals.

Simon says thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate this birthday. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Chung for providing the lunch. Thank you Auntie Vicki for the pictures. Also, thank you everyone for all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

We hope to have many more wonderful celebrations like these.

3 thoughts on “Early Birthday Celebration

  1. Jenn T. Post author

    We’re sorry you weren’t able to make it to his party but when you move up here, we can do some baking together sometime 🙂

  2. Betty

    Yes, please! I would love to learn some baking tips from you! All the things you’ve made look delicious:)

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