Future American Idol

Day 361 = February 26, 2011

Simon’s got his eyes on you!

He started out the morning with some bouncing on the bed to get ready for Gymboree in the afternoon.

I love his wispy hair and round eyes.

At Gymboree, Simon enjoyed going down the slide. He seems to have strong enough back muscles to support himself in the sitting position on the way down.

Simon has taken to eating whole strawberries. Sometimes he uses his front teeth to bite them, sometimes he just crams the whole thing into his mouth and mashes it. Juice normally runs out when he does this.

Simon experiemented with his voice today, mimicking his Sing-a-ma-jig. “Ahhhhh–” Future American Idol?

Or maybe future sumo wrestler?

Or karate?

Cooling down in his bathrobe after all that exercise today.

Then putting on some shades to attract the ladies.

Simon had a busy busy day today. He’ll need a good night’s rest to be ready for his party tomorrow.

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