Eggster Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 18, 2014

After Simon’s swim class, we headed over to UC Berkeley campus for their annual Eggster Easter egg hunt. We missed it last year because we already had plans on that date and were very disappointed with the egg hunt in Walnut Creek. All the eggs were gone within 10 minutes so we left empty handed. At this egg hunt, they split it into different age groups and continually replenish the eggs throughout the day plus they have entertainment and arts & crafts. Upon entering campus, we came upon this Welcome sign.

Simon excitedly running toward the campanile while Ron pushed Iris in the stroller.

We just had to sign some liability forms at the start booth and get the tickets for the egg hunts. Each child gets two tickets so you can go hunting two times. This year they limited it to 5 eggs per child whereas, I think the year we went, there was no limit.

I took Iris to the 0-3 years area which had tons of babies. One kid kept on walking up to Iris and taking away Iris’ eggs from her hands and the mom didn’t stop him. I’m glad that Iris did not mind but I wish some parents would teach their child some manners. So no meltdowns and Iris sat quietly playing with the few eggs surrounding her and put some in her basket… and took them out of her basket… and put them back in again. My favorite pictures from her first egg hunt.

Simon came to join us after his egg hunt.
photo 2.JPG

Simon and Daddy went to check out the arts & crafts while I tried to go take some cute pictures of Iris on the beautiful green lawn. She hates wearing things on her head but I tried taking pictures with a sun hat and bunny ears.

Simon made this mask at one of the craft tables.
photo 4.JPG

We went to sit down and listen to some of the entertainment and saw the CAL band. Simon and Iris really enjoyed their performance. Iris was reaching her hand out to them as they were playing. We weren’t able to video it completely but you can see Iris putting her hand out, signaling to us that she wants to go where the music is coming from.

After the egg hunt, both kids were super tired. Simon was tired and didn’t want to take a picture in front of the campanile.

Iris fell asleep as we walked back to our car.

Spring has sprung!

Little girl is full of energy. She didn’t nap long and wanted to play, play, and play. So I changed her into a more comfortable outfit for home.

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