Happy Easter

Sunday, April 20, 2014

One of the best things in life is waking up next to this beautiful girl every morning.

Iris opening her Easter present at breakfast time.

“Hmm… what is inside?”

“Oh, a bunny sippy cup!”

“What else is there?”

“Why can’t I take it out?”

“Wow, a plush giraffe that goes ‘boing!’ when I drop it”

Simon enjoyed opening his Easter presents too. He liked his boingy zebra.

After breakfast, we headed out to the Berkeley Marina to fly kites. There was a group there that were flying fish and jellyfish kites.

Simon and Ron setting up a box-style kite.

Kite flying high!

Me with the kiddos.

Ron tied the box-style kite to a tree and had this other kite that Simon helped to launch into the air.

Simon so happy.

After flying kites, we went for lunch at Sea Breeze Market & Deli. We’ve driven by so many times but never stopped to try it until today.

They have a variety of seafood like clams, crab, prawns, oysters, fish, etc. We ended up getting fried seafood items. Ron with the fried prawn sandwich, Simon with fried fish, and mine is the fried oyster sandwich (picture below).

Simon ate all his fried cod fish (and of course, french fries).

Overall pretty yummy. I liked the oyster sandwich except that the bread was a little tough. Next time I want to try the clam strips. I read on Yelp that those were really yummy too. Iris really liked the bread though so I guess if I don’t like it, at least she will eat it for me.

After lunch, we headed out to check out a few open houses in Berkeley to see what type of homes are available in our area and at what price. We are not quite ready to buy yet so we will keep looking for now. The housing market in Berkeley is tough though, the really nice homes get multiple offers and at way over asking price. Last month, I saw a house was listed for $817,000 and was sold for over $1.1 million. It all depends on location of course so I think we’ll be looking at “growing” areas versus staying in the Berkeley Hills.

Although, the Berkeley Hills are good for exercise. After we got home, I went for a walk with Iris to a nearby park. She fell asleep and I ended up walking a total of 1.5 miles carrying her in the Baby Ergo carrier. It was warm and sunny too. I was exhausted after our walk and I am sure my legs will hurt in the next few days. But, Iris had a nice, long nap and was very happy the rest of the evening.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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