Ella’s and Flour + Water

I had the opportunity to try interesting restaurants today. This morning I went to Ella’s for brunch. I walk by this place whenever I walk home from work but it’s always closed. Little did I know that it’s only open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

I tried their ginger orange punch. The ginger note is at the end, refreshing.

So many yummy options for brunch.

We shared the freshly baked sticky bun. Not as moist as I would have liked but the topping was fantastic.

I tried their famous chicken hash, served with your choice of egg and toast. Here is an egg over-easy with wheat toast. The greens on top gave it a bit of a bite but I still needed some ketchup to moisten the hash. It had lots of chicken but I think I prefer corned beef hash.

So that was breakfast, for dinner, we went with friends to Flour + Water. We shared a few appetizers and had our own main courses and then shared desserts.

This is a stuffed squash flower. Not something that is easy to share as it was hard to cut the fried flower but it was nice and light with the fresh tomatoes.

This was some sort of braised oxtail meat made into a fried cake served with a salad and mushrooms.

We shared the margherita pizza with a fresh egg on top. A little soggy in the middle and the toppings were sliding off the pizza. A bit messy.

Fried peppers for our veggie dish. Lightly salted. I’d order these again.

Ron’s pork dish with fig and beans. I remember it having a nice flavor but not sure what was so nice about it. I probably only really liked it because of the fig.

Eggplant/cheese stuffed pasta. The cheese overpowered the flavor of the eggplant. The tomatoes were delicious though, very sweet.

Couldn’t resist dessert. We ordered one of each.

I loved the rosemary panna cotta.

The chocolate budino. Very rich.

Plum semifreddo with almond praline.

500 Presidio @ California

Flour + Water
2401 Harrison st @ 20th St

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  1. Julianne

    hello! i just stumbled upon your blog by accident (funny enough i was doing a search on nike women’s marathon) and was really impressed by your meals at ella’s and at flour + water. will definitely have to check it out.

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