Giants vs Reds at AT&T Park

Ron had won some free tickets for the Giants vs Reds game today at AT&T Park. It was a beautiful day and we had great seats. It’s quite a trek around the ballpark though but with great views.

Before settling down in our seats, we walked around checking out the food. This was Ron’s first time at the ballpark so we just wanted to see each level. We finally settled on a few food items like the bacon wrapped hot dog.

Included are chips and salsa.

The hot dog is wrapped with bacon, covered with some melted cheese and grilled jalapenos.

Ron wanted the fish and chips along with a beer.

Lastly (and later on), the chicken nuggets with Gilroy garlic fries.

View from our lower box seats. It was good to be protected from the sun and since it was a nice day, it wasn’t windy or cold.

It was a pretty exciting game with 2 home runs by the Giants. We left during the 9th inning to avoid the crowds and the Giants were winning.

A nice way to spend the afternoon.

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