Elmo Simon

Day 279

Simon loves his mozzarella!

Simon enjoys playing with his beads on wires.

It’s very interesting to watch him playing with the beads. He’s really concentrated on moving them around on the wires.

Tonight we took Simon to Open Gym at Gymboree. There were a lot of older kids there so it was kind of crowded and they were being a bit rambunctious. I was afraid one of the kids would trip and hurt Simon or throw one of the rubber balls at him. Simon wasn’t in that playful of a mood actually, probably tired and hungry. Plus his teeth were probably bugging him. He started to chew on one of the toys there.

Simon had dinner and a bath before bedtime. I thought Simon looked so cute in his Elmo bath towel.

He really wanted to stick his thumb in his mouth though. Poor guy, I hope those teeth come out soon so he’ll be more comfortable.

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