End of Summer Bash at Blackhawk Plaza

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mommy, why do you keep taking pictures of me?


Today was the last week of Radio Disney at Blackhawk Plaza and the theme was End of Summer Bash. They had tissue paper lei making, a puzzle, surfboard limbo, and beach ball toss. Simon participated in dancing with the DJ too.

The prize of the day was a beach ball.

We also made some free crafts that were set up by a company called Nannies and Tutors. They had been there each week but never promoted themselves during the Radio Disney event. Just quietly set up their craft tables and wear their shirts as advertisement. Anyways, Simon had fun making a mask and playing with foam stickers. I made one of each for Iris too.


Grandma Tam treated us to lunch later at the cantina nearby. We strolled over there.

We ordered and waited for our food. Iris napped for about 20 minutes. Bright eyed again.

Simon making a funny face while eating their delicious chips.

Baja shrimp salad. Delicious grilled shrimp and a light vinaigrette.

Grandma ordered a carne asada soft taco and an enchilada with tomatillo sauce.

Asleep at Grandma’s house.

Simon only napped the 20 minutes it took to drive home but it was enough I guess since he did go to swim
class and had a good time. Here he is after class admiring his LONG shadow (that’s what he said).

Trying on a hat that I got from Uncle William a few years ago. Looks good on him, don’t cha think?

Dinner at Pinky’s Pizza. This is Lilly’s special.

Can’t believe summer is almost over! Time has gone by too fast.

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