Aquarium of the Bay

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My morning wake up call.

We now have a pack and play downstairs so Iris can nap there diring the day. We received this Hello Kitty mobile from cousin Tina and finally have a place to use it. She and Simon love it!

By Simon’s special request to visit an aquarium, we went to Pier 39 in San Francisco to visit the Aquarium of the Bay. We arrived in SF by BART then took the F Market to Pier 39.


The aquarium is small but good for little kids so they won’t get too tired walking about. For admission, I got 50% off because we are Oakland Zoo members. Simon was free. I probably wouldn’t go to this aquarium if I had to pay full price. But I think Simon enjoyed it, especially the tunnels.




We went to lunch downstairs at Boudin. Simon liked their Asiago cheese flower petal bread. Plus he also ate half a grilled cheese sandwich.


Then we went back inside to watch the Turtle 3D movie ($5 per ticket) then headed home. Bye Pier 39!

We were lucky in catching the F back to the BART station in a special streetcar that had an open top. It sort of looked like a boat on rails. It was a gorgeous day out so fun to ride.

We caught the BART home.

Simon was asking me what we would do when we got home? Were we going to play more? Then he leaned over and put his head on my lap and, although fighting it, he dozed off.

I ended up carrying him out of the train to our car in the parking garage and he was totally knocked out. He woke up as we got to the car but he definitely didn’t have enough sleep. When we changed and were already parking the car for swimming lessons, he suddenly decided he didn’t want to go. So we left and he almost fell asleep in the car as well. While playing with Daddy in the evening, Ron decided to lay down and close his eyes and Simon did the same. I found both of them dead asleep after Iris went to bed. Simon is still wearing his swim gear.

He was so tired that even changing his clothes didn’t wake him up. Guess he got his exercise today!

I’ll end here with one more picture of happy Iris getting ready for her bath.


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