Enjoying San Francisco – Japantown and Yerba Buena

April 27 – May 3, 2011

Simon discovers how to let his cars roll down the “ramp” created by the blanket.

A windy day in San Francisco.

Simon enjoyed the wind in his face.

We had dinner in SF Japantown at Izumiya. Tofu soba.

Karaage chicken.

Curry and okonomiyaki.

Simon shared with us.

Simon got all excited when he saw the fountain/water feature in the mall. He calls water “na-na” which is the same word he uses for milk too.

Thank you Japantown for a good dinner!

Simon showed us he learned how to shake his head up and down. Now he can answer “yes!”

Now how did Simon get the pockets to stick out from his pants?

Irene, one of our nurses at work, gave Simon this toy that used to belong to her grandson. She said she thought of Simon when she saw it sitting in the back of her coat closet so she wanted him to have it. He’s not quite sure what to make of it yet but was excited to see its head pop out of the bag that it was in.

Still playing with the horse the next morning. He seems to enjoy the stick more than the horse part.

We headed to Fairfield for a birthday party and Simon is contemplating on waking up for the party.

He decided to wake up but took a while to warm up. He clung on me like a little monkey until I got him to play in the bounce house. He was very excited and happy about going on the slide but I got very tired of carrying him up the “stairs” to the top of the slide. The other kids jumping around were older so I was afraid Simon would get hurt if I let him by himself but I think overall he had a good time and had a good nap on the drive home. (Photo courtesy of the dad of one of the birthday girls.)

One of Simon’s favorite Sesame Street characters is Elmo (he calls him “A”) so I got him this T-shirt from H&M.

It was such a nice day that we got out of the house and ended up at the Yerba Buena Carousel. We didn’t have time to ride it during Simon’s birthday party so went to see if he was interested in it this time around. He was really excited watching it while waiting for our turn.

And was okay while waiting for it to start.

But then got a little scared when it started and the horse was moving up and down. So we ended up in one of the boats so that Simon could either sit or wander around instead.

After two rides, Simon was ready for another adventure and was eager to push his stroller there himself.

So we went to the playground and Ron took Simon on the slide a few times. He really liked that and enjoyed walking around the playground. Lots of older kids were running around too though and not watching where they were going so Simon almost got knocked over. Next time we’ll go when it’s less busy.

To get out of the sun for a while we went to Westfield Shopping Center and to the Family Room in the food court. Simon likes to play with the toys there.

A good rest to end another week. Surrounded by his plushie buddies.

Squeaky clean.

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