HUG Prescription, Mother’s Day at Monterey Bay Aquarium, Airplane Imitation

May 4 – 10, 2011


When I said “Stretch!”, this is what Simon did.

Simon looking cool in his new sunglasses and Paul Frank T-shirt (thank you Auntie Tiffany!)

Simon is AWESOME!

He’s my medication. Rx: HUG qd et prn (Prescription: HUG daily and as needed)

We went to Chotto for dinner.

Japanese bar food, including delicious ramen.

Grandma and Grandpa Chung helped to take care of Simon today. Here he is at the office.

5.8.2011 Mother’s Day
We spent the night at their house so Simon woke up with a bit of a quizzical expression and crazy hair.

Then we went to visit a Bamboo Giant on our way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Simon enjoyed walking their trail and picking up sticks.

“Mommy, look at this!”


“This place is pretty cool”

It’s a pleasant place to visit and see specimens of different types of bamboo. You can also purchase pots of bamboo to grow yourself and they also sell other accessories like fences, pots, backyard entertaining items, etc.

For lunch we drove to Monterey to r.g. burgers (real good burgers). Simon had chicken tenders and fries from the kids menu. He showed off his drawing skills with the crayons and his menu.

I had the Western Burger with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and bbq sauce.

Ron had the Bearnaise Burger. It was a fork and knife kind of burger.

Simon really liked the french fries. Especially dipping it in the ketchup.

After lunch, we headed to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We are currently members so have free admission for one year. Besides the sea creatures, they actually have a lot of stuff for little kids to play with inside. Our little clam.

We forgot our camera at home so our pictures aren’t very good. But thank goodness for our phones or else we wouldn’t have any photos at all. Anyways, inside they have an area especially for little kids, maybe 2 and under, where there is large shape sorter, a water feature to splash in, and wobbly waterbed thing to walk across. Then there is this older kid place where there are rocking animals, a coloring station, a cave, costumes, and a slide.

Simon showed us he knows how to clap his hands now.

He has also picked up from us the hand gestures we use for “no more”. He’s flipping a book and reaches the end of it.

Simon stayed awake the entire time we were out so was really tired by the time we were ready to leave. Goodbye for now Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Simon fell asleep on the walk back to our car and didn’t even budge while Ron put him in the car. If you don’t want to pay for parking and are willing to walk 3 blocks, there is free unlimited parking on Hawthorne St. at David Ave. but only on one side of the street.

A pleasant Mother’s Day.

Ron decided to keep Simon home from daycare today since he had a hard time sleeping with a cough and runny nose. No fever but he didn’t want the other kids to get sick. So instead, Simon ran errands with daddy in Emeryville, including a visit to Ikea.

Simon had a kids’ meal of Swedish meatballs and steamed vegetables.

Simon had fun exploring the children’s furniture area.

He especially liked the slide. We my have to buy one for him in his room or the backyard.

Simon’s imitation of an airplane (“fei ji” in Mandarin). Where do kids pick up these things?

Almost forgot his photo today. Sleeping soundly with Tiger.

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