EZ5 Bar

Ron’s brother Henry’s birthday is on Monday so his friend Cindy organized a party to celebrate his 30th. Ron and I both got this evite that said “Hello Kitty is turning 30!”… we were like, huh? Come to find out during his pledge years, Henry was known as Hello Kitty Chung!

We dropped by for drinks at the EZ5 Bar near Chinatown.

Ron looking cool…

Do you think Ron and Henry look alike?

Henry is a “poser”!

He even waited for the flash to go off twice for this picture.

With a look of dread on how this shot would taste…

The drinks at this bar were okay, at least not watered down. The crowd was a bit eclectic, there was us then there were also some older men playing dice… so more of like a “neighborhood bar” atmosphere.

EZ5 Bar
682 Commercial Street
San Francisco

*sigh* this means my 30th birthday is coming up…

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