Andy’s Excellent Chinese Cuisine

Ron and I didn’t feel like making dinner tonight so decided to order food for delivery. When I checked the mail today there was a flyer for Andy’s Excellent Chinese Cuisine, free delivery for $10 minimum order and if you order $25 or more, you can get free egg fried rice, vegetable chow mein, OR one egg roll. So we figured we’d try it.

We ordered Kung Pao Chicken ($7.95) (but got Kung Pao Shrimp instead)

Salted fish and diced chicken fried rice ($6.95)

Sauteed broccoli in garlic sauce ($6.95)

To top off our order over $25, Ron ordered a TsingTao beer ($3.50)

We got the free vegetable chow mein:

They delivered in about 45 minutes as promised. Likely because we’re not that far from their actual restaurant.

The chow mein was a bit bland, needs some sort of sauce. But overall, pretty standard Chinese food, the kung pao isn’t as spicy as we would have liked.

We paid $27.50 but I have no idea how they came to that number because however I add tax, it doesn’t work our exactly. I guess they did not charge us for the shrimp, which is $1 more than the chicken.

Looking forward to the weekend so we can go somewhere nice for dinner…

Watched an interesting show tonight on FOX: Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay. If you were a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, then I think you’d enjoy this show.

Andy’s Excellent Chinese Cuisine
1358 Ninth Avenue (between Irving & Judah)
(415) 661-1803 or (415) 661-1804

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