Farewell at Build-a-Bear in Suntec City

Boy I was so nervous today at work since today was the day my co-workers picked for my farewell party. I said I’d pick the place and have Ron make the reservation. Little did they know I wanted to surprise them with a thank you gift to show them how much I appreciate them allowing me into their workplace and treating me like a friend, not just a colleague.

The pharmacy staff we have at the cancer centre are all young and heart and we get along really well so I thought they’d really like Build-a-Bear.
So we reserved a time and gave everyone a budget to spend on their bear. They were really surprised and I think everyone had a good time even though they were starving.

We chose our bear.

We heard our bear.

We stuffed our bear.

We stitched our bear.

We fluffed our bear.

We dressed our bear.

We named our bear.

Then got to take them home.

Afterwards we had a quick dinner at Pizza Hut since it was the only place open. Our original choice for restaurant was already closed since it took us longer than expected to Build our Bears. Good times Good times.

If you can’t see the slideshow above, click HERE.

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