“Farewell For Now” BBQ

Note: I am post-dating these entries to make it more chronological. I apologize for any strange mistakes that I might make.

We decided to throw ourselves a farewell BBQ the day before our departure. It was a beautiful sunny day in San Ramon and it was really great seeing friends and family before we began our adventure in Singapore.

We BBQ’ed kalbi, teriyaki chicken drumsticks, hot dogs, tri-tip steak, and corn. We also served up some veggies, fruits, and chips.

There was also a game of Texas Hold’em where my dad (Jen’s) took everyone’s money. Hee hee… as a warning to all, don’t underestimate his skills!

It was nice to kick back and relax as it has been a rather harrowing month cleaning up our house to get ready for rent and just getting things ready to leave for Singapore. We have hired Premium Properties as our management company and they have been a great help in getting our property ready. We are still waiting for a renter. Check out our listing on Premium Properties website or Craigslist.

Our biggest problem was finding temporary homes for our kitties. Maxwell ended up being homeless because the friend who was going to take him wasn’t able to afterall. He luckily found a home with one of the doctors I work with and will enjoy being an SF indoor/outdoor cat with two other cats: Handy and Sparkey. Mochi and Misu went to a new home for a few days but the person discovered she was allergic to them so they had to come home with us to WC for a few days. My co-worker saved my life (and their lives) by agreeing to take them for a month while another friend renovates her house, then she can take them for the remaining time. My co-worker has two cats of her own: Brutus and Bella so they’re going to have a full house.

I just feel bad for Mochi and Misu because they were transported from WC to SF, then SF to WC, then WC to SR, then SR to Millbrae, then finally Millbrae to Brisbane. Their final home will be in Millbrae. I hope they are not overly stressed.

Our flight to SG is on Sunday at 11:19AM… so the adventure begins!

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