Farmart Prawning

It was a dreary raining day in Singapore today but Ron had already planned an outing to go try prawning. There are a few places here in Singapore where you can try to catch prawns. He chose to go to Farmart. It cost $13SGD to rent a fishing pole for 1 hr or $26SGD for 3 hours. They include all the bait. You can also BBQ there and they provide the charcoal and all the stuff to start the fire.

We went there pretty late, around 7pm. We were surprised to find that the place also has other things besides prawning, there seems to be petting zoos of sorts with goats and also birds. I was thought of one of our friends who is now in France who would’ve loved to see the birds. They also have a food court and a few restaurants there.

Ron and I were a bit early so we rented one fishing pole first. The bait they provide are frozen clams, called cockles in Singapore. They have these small chopping boards to cut up the bait and also provide the baskets to hold your bounty.

I luckily caught one in the first 20 minutes of prawning… but for the whole night, as a group, we only caught five! A bit pathetic… but it was our first time, need practice. A man kindly gave us his catch though so we had quite a few to bring home. There was a couple that was catching one shrimp every 5 to 10 minutes… we found out their secret bait was chicken heart. They were able to cut it into very small pieces and probably it’s a “exotic” for the shrimp to have something else to eat. Next time we’ll try that…

Check out our pictures:

The place is a bit inconvenient to get to but they do offer a free shuttle from the MRT, except that it’s only until around 10pm.

We’re going to have a good prawn dinner tomorrow night.

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