Good Friday on Orchard Rd

Since Joyce’s URI seemed to be completely cured after a week of antibiotics, she no longer had her “manly”, “nasal” voice… we made a plan to do some shopping on Orchard Rd since Good Friday is a public holiday in Singapore. I had the day off from work but Ron still had to go to class so we couldn’t go anywhere for a long weekend. So I was glad to have someone to spend the day with rather than just being stuck at home 😛

We met up for lunch at the Paragon. In the basement there is a cafe called Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie where they have fabulous desserts and also serve salads, sandwiches, and crepes.

I had the croque madame, a sandwich made with gruyere cheese and ham and a sunny side up egg on the top. The first time I tried this sandwich was in Napa last year for Vicki’s birthday.

Joyce had the smoked salmon crepe with canapes and dill butter. The dill butter was very good. It was a bit buried by the salad though.

Of course, we saved room for dessert. Joyce had the strawberry shortcake.

I look like a little kid but we were both like little kids in a candy store. I had the warm chocolate cake with something creamy on the side. It was too rich for me to finish the whole thing.

Oh this is also the same place where my boss gets her macaroons! very excellent but no space to eat them after our lunch.

After we rolled out of the restaurant, we headed to do some shopping. Both of our mom’s have their birthdays at the end of the month so we wanted to get them something special… and also indulge a bit for ourselves. We found some great deals and bought our gifts so it was a successful shopping day 🙂

We ended up at Paragon again to have dinner at Fish & Co. They serve their fish in a pan.

They have these cute wooden blocks to put the pan on:

Joyce had the salmon and fries.

See one of her many shopping bags next to her? 😛 The topping on the salmon was pretty tasty, called futaba or something, but she said part of the salmon wasn’t well cooked. The vegetables were a good addition to the meal. The fries are also included but if you don’t want fries (called “chips at this restaurant, like “fish & chips”), they also offer rice.

I had the swordfish collar.

I didn’t realize it was so huge, the pan is twice the size of Joyce’s. I only ate one side. It was really good when dipped in the mango vinagrette provided, otherwise it was a bit too fishy by itself. I brought the other half home to eat tomorrow.

Ah, a satisfying day… it totally doesn’t feel like Friday… it’s so nice to still have two more days of the weekend to look forward to!

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