Father’s Day

Had a busy Father’s Day with going out to see my parents and having early lunch at Koi Garden then later in the evening, having a BBQ at Ron’s parents’ house in Millbrae.

After lunch, I headed over to my parents house to hang out for a while and my dad just happened to decide to give their dog Happy a bath.

She’s a little timid at first but once you get her wet, she seems to really enjoy the scrubbing (she probably just really likes the attention).

All sudsy.

Getting a good rinse.

Looking for a place to dry off.

If you’re not going to dry me off, I’m going to dry off myself.


All clean and smelling like apples.

We decided to buy our dads the cheesecakes from Zanze’s so for my dad, the mocha flavored.

Yummy and I loved the chocolate on top. For Ron’s dad we got the Kirsch cherries cheesecake but the Kirsch was a bit strong for all of us.

Zanze’s is closing for 3 weeks, starting June 28th (I think) since they’re going on vacation, so better get your cheesecake fix now or else you’ll have to wait until the end of July.

Happy Father’s Day!

2405 Ocean Avenue

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