Kitty Update

Misu seems to be putting on weight but we won’t know for sure until we get him checked out at the vet sometime this week. He’s been tolerating his feeding well except that the suture near his nose that was holding the tube in place broke and so now the tube is a bit loose. With each sneeze, it creeps out a tiny bit where it is probably now about 3/4 inch out but the vet says it actually goes ~8 inches into his throat. So far so good. He’s been eating a bit of regular cat food but the tube is annoying him a bit so he’ll stop after about 1 tsp of food.

He seems a bit stronger and acting more like himself. He still likes to sit with or on you, as you can see by him sitting on Ron’s back…

The other cats are doing fine for the most part. I think both of them are still like “who are you? why do you have this big plastic thing around your head? are you some sort of alien?” because they hiss at him every once in a while when he makes a sudden movement.

Mochi still enjoying sitting on the end of the couch on a nice sunny SF day.

But will also hide underneath when she wants some peace and quiet.

Maxwell looking like an old man with his thinning and white hair. He can still act like a kitten sometimes and get really frisky playing with the laser pointer.

Will update more as Misu gets a check-up this week.

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