Father’s Day

Day 110

For Father’s Day we had a very fussy Simon on our hands. We went to dim sum with my parents and Simon cried about 75% of the time. He didn’t have a good nap in the morning and only a short one on the car ride to the restaurant. It wad really loud outside the restaurant because they were having some performances for Father’s Day and inside was the loud din of everyone’s voices so he couldn’t fall asleep.  I ended up having to walk and bounce him around outside the restaurant to help him to fall asleep.  As I transferred him into Ron’s arms, he almost woke up then quickly fell back asleep once he realized who was holding him.  Unfortunately, when one of my parents tried to hold him, Simon would start crying again.  I think he realized it wasn’t Ron or me and wasn’t very happy about it.  Since I was sitting next to my mom during lunchtime, she helped to feed me some food, just like when I was a baby… He wasn’t that cooperative at my parents’ house either, not sure why he was so fussy today.  Part of it may be that he had a pretty bad diaper rash the last few days.  His poor little butt was inflamed and red but as soon as we used bacitracin and some zinc oxide ointment for one day, it was tons better and he only had a little chaffed spot remaining.  He had been whimpering with diaper changes two days ago but not at all this morning… so not sure what was up with him today.  We just feel so sad that we can’t figure out what he wants when he is crying so loudly.

Once it was afternoon though and we arrived home, he seemed back to his normal self.  He was sporting this new CAL onesie that he got as a gift at his party last month.  Thank you to Leslie for the cute onesie.  I think I need to go get Ron a CAL Rugby shirt too so they can match… and I can get myself one too so we can all match!  Haha… maybe too nerdy? 😛


Simon decided he wanted to nap on his side… maybe he’s becoming like me, I like to nap almost on my stomach but not quite.  While I was pregnant, my belly was in the way so I had to get used to sleeping on my side so it feels so good now to be able to sleep on my stomach again.  Although my mom said I hated to sleep on my stomach as a baby, I would only be happy on my back.  The thing I don’t get with Simon though is that he really likes to arch his back and it seems like his neck would be uncomfortable but he seems fine and sleeps soundly.


We are still devising new ways to keep Simon’s fingers out of his mouth so we tried using the teething rings so that he could practice his grip at the same time.  He took to shoving the ring into his mouth right away and sucking on it… but also sticking his finger in his mouth at the same time.  Silly baby…


I think it’s a losing battle.  We can only try so many things to keep his hands out of his mouth but I think there will still be some amount of him sucking on them.  I wonder why he thinks they are so tasty?

Happy Father’s Day Daddy Ron!  We love you!

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