Simon turns over and Greens Restaurant

Day 109

Unfortunately I missed the big event of Simon turning over as I was out to lunch with friends but Ron took some pictures for me.  Simon apparently fell asleep on his side and when he woke up, he was mostly on his stomach but his arm was still suck underneath him.


As he continued to struggle, he was able to get his arm out from underneath him and be fully on his stomach… but then almost falling off the edge of the sofa.  Ron was there to hold him back so no worries.


Now he enjoys tummy time a lot more and can keep his head up more easily.  When he smiles while on his tummy, he usually drops his head but was able to keep it up this time around.


Simon has a new Pooh friend too that my mom bought on her last vacation.  Big head like Simon.


Just a quick review on the place I went for lunch: Greens Restaurant at Fort Mason.  The restaurant has a beautiful view.


The restaurant also has a to-go section and they make great coffee.  The restaurant opens at 12pm so we decided to wait since we were a bit early.  We didn’t realize when walking in that the restaurant was vegetarian until we looked at the menu.  I guess with a name like “Greens”, it should have been obvious but it could also just mean it’s healthy… but anyways, it’s not vegan so they still serve things with cheese, milk, eggs, etc.  It was actually quite filling as the portion sizes are large and heavy in protein depending on the dish you order.

For a starter, we shared the potato fritters.  The red romesco sauce was delicious.


I ordered the eggplant sandwich.  The grilled bell peppers and eggplant were delicious, with some light vinaigrette.  This should probably be avoided if you’re watching your carbohydrates though with the potato salad on the side and the bread.


These are the cheese quesadillas with guacamole and a side salad of black beans with quinoa and plantain chips.


Brochettes with a parsley sauce and sides of brown rice with almonds and cabbage slaw.


Everything was pretty delicious and I’d eat here again.  They have brunch on Sundays which I think would be fun to try one day.  But don’t go here if you’re in the mood for bacon!

Simon went to sleep easily tonight, not even needing a pacifier to fall asleep or any wrapping of his hands.  He fell asleep like he used to sleep… stick ’em up!


I’ve pretty much given up hoping that he will sleep through the night anymore.  I expect him to wake up at 2 or 3am…

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