Feed me, I’m hungry

Day 91

So Simon has become quite the drool-er so now he has to start wearing bibs.  His drool is surprisingly quite viscous, not as watery as I would have thought.  When a large amount of drool escapes his lips, it can stretch more than 12 inches before actually separating from his lips.  Kind of gross sometimes.  But now he has more things to accessorize his outfits with… hee hee…


We had a relatively quiet day other than going for our walk in the late afternoon.  I took him out in the car seat/stroller today since I don’t think my back could have handled carrying him today.  The Baby Bjorn that we purchased does have good lumbar support so that my lower back does not have pain but I feel tightness in my shoulder and neck instead… so I thought I’d give myself a break and use the stroller.  He fell asleep around 6:45pm and stayed sleeping even when I moved him from the car seat into his crib.  He was really out, usually when we try to move him out of the car seat, he will wake up and sometimes start screaming.

He only slept about 4 hours and woke up around 10:30pm because he was hungry.  Ron went to bottle feed him since I was taking a nap.  Ron tried to get my attention from the other room because…


Simon had grabbed onto the bottle and was feeding himself!  Silly baby.  It was mostly by accident that he grabbed onto the bottle but he has been using his hands to push it away to tell us he is done or needs a moment to breathe.

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