Feeling Better

Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to school for Simon. Lunch of holiday wheat thins, some fruit snacks, sliced carrots, mini sausages, and apples.
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A project that Simon did at school.
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Big “Cheeezz”!

Iris is a lot better. No more fever. Just still a little bit of runny nose and random coughing. The cold never seemed to bother her much during the day, she still had energy and was playful. Just at night she had trouble sleeping when her nose got stuffed up. She might also be teething since she keeps putting her fingers in her mouth.

A strange remedy but seemed to actually work was to massage Baby Vicks on her feet and put on footie PJs at night. It seemed to help her from coughing at night. Whether it be some absorption of the medicine or pressure therapy, I’m going to remember this from now on and try it again if she gets sick again.

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