Mommy and Simon Movie Date

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Simon and I had a “Mommy and Son” day so hopefully we wouldn’t get sick from being in the house with everyone who was sick. In the morning we tried out my cotton candy machine that I got as a gift from Uncle William. I will be making cotton candy for Simon’s birthday party next weekend so wanted to make sure the machine would work and how long the cotton candy would last. Of course Simon had fun eating it.

Late morning we went to watch “The Lego Movie” together. We share popcorn and a mango smoothie. It was great fun! Everything is Awesome!

Then we went for lunch at a burger joint nearby.

Iris wore her PJs all day long and recovered at home with Ron.

After lunch, Simon had a short rest before we went to Walnut Creek to have dinner with my parents for their wedding anniversary. We had a delicious Japanese dinner at Miraku.

The waitresses were talking with us and we told them it was Simon’s birthday coming up so they surprised him with an ice cream that had a candle and sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

He was excited to blow out his candle.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Happy early birthday Simon!

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