Finally caught up!

So I’ve just been through about two months of photos and memories and am finally caught up on our blog! The last time I regularly updated was around June 20th, 2008 so I had quite a lot of catch up on.

If you’re interested, check out our archives for the following events:

June 24 to July 1: Philippines trip
July 2: INSEAD Singapore graduation
July 3: INSEAD France graduation
July 3 to July 21: Europe trip (can click “Europe 2008” on top)
July 22 to August 10: Last days in Singapore
August 10 to current: Our home, the SF Bay Area

Who is still reading our blog? If you checked in today, could you please leave us a comment? I’ve been blogging in part for our memory but I’d like to know if it’s interesting to anyone else.

Alright, well enjoy the updates for now. I hope to find more interesting things to share as we get adjusted to city life.

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