Starbucks Salad

There is a Starbucks near my work so I’ll treat myself to a pastry or lunch there every once in a while. I try to avoid the coffee though since I already have my Peet’s coffee in the morning, brewed at home.

Today I tried a Starbucks Curry Chicken Salad over Couscous. I had just seen Rachael Ray on Food Network making Shrimp Curry over Lime Mint Couscous and I wondered if those tastes go together?

From 09-02-2008 Starbucks Curry Chicken Salad over couscous

Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good. The chicken salad had apples, pineapples, and a sort of thai spiced curry flavor. The couscous was a bit dry but I think it needed to be there or else I’d still have been hungry.

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