First Flu Shot

Day 224

We brought back half a dozen mini cupcakes from when we were in Pasadena. The place is called Dots Cupcakes. Cute box huh?

I was pleasantly surprised they made it back all in one piece and were still pretty tasty. From the one with the carrot going clockwise: carrot, chocolate caramel (?), lemon, dulce de leche, chocobutter, and red velvet.

Simon is becoming more independent these days, he’s holding his own bottle more and more. When he’s tired (or just feeling lazy), he still prefers that we hold it for him.

Since it’s influenza season, Ron took Simon to get his first flu shot. Simon needs to get two shots this year since this is first time getting vaccinated. Here is is anxiously waiting in line.

Simon got his shot and Ron said he only cried out for a few seconds then calmed down right away. What a good boy!

Simon really likes to stand up so still hasn’t really started to crawl yet. He prefers to prop himself against the piano and play there. At least he is content for a short while playing by himself so that daddy Ron can have some time to do some work.

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