First sneakers

Day 244

Simon really likes his new toy from grandma Tam. Lots of things to spin and move and touch!

Plus for some reason, Simon was focused on this piece of string that is attached to one of his toys. He just wants to get it into his mouth…

Simon has had the bad habit lately of keeping food in his mouth without swallowing, then getting fussy about it because he doesn’t want to swallow it down. He doesn’t know how to spit (which is probably a good thing) but it can take him up to 15 minutes to swallow a mouthful. Here he is protesting that there is fish and sweet potato in his mouth but he doesn’t want to swallow it.

Eventually what helps is taking sips of water. Simon will open his mouth to a bottle and let you tilt the water into his mouth (that is, when he feels in the mood to drink water).

Simon got a new pair of shoes recently and Ron decided to let Simon wear them for a bit today. He doesn’t know what to make of them…

Ron thought they would prevent Simon from sucking on his toes but what baby wants, baby will try his hardest to get it…

So eventually the shoes came off and Simon wanted to show off his new robot outfit.

This evening was open gym at Gymboree so we brought Simon to get some exercise. He seemed to like being in this tube as he didn’t want to crawl out.

He also seems to like the space here since he crawls and tries to chase things. He crawls a bit different though, he uses his right foot and left knee instead of being on both his knees. You’ll see in this video.

Since Gymboree has soft mats, we thought it a good opportunity to let Simon learn how to “fall” without injuring himself. He learned a bit how to get to sitting from standing by bending his knees and using his arms for support.

Simon seems to like Gymboree and their space so we are thinking of rearranging our place so that Simon can have more crawl space. Stay tuned.

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