Halloween Tiger

Day 243

Simon and I went to the mall today to check out if there were any stores giving away things for Halloween. He seemed unsure of his outfit…

There were a few stores giving away candy and Janie & Jack was giving away stickers but that’s about it. I remember when I was little, we went to Serramonte and did trick or treating and Sanrio used to give away stickers, pencils, and gum. I miss those days. But, Sanrio did have something cool, make your own case (for iPhone, Blackberry, etc). I’m not exactly sure how it works but it’s pretty cool to make something personalized.

When we got back home, Simon was a little happier as we headed to see Grandma and Grandpa Tam.

He was a tired little Tiger though after our outing so fell asleep in the car.

But he was excited to show off his walking skills to grandma.

We had dinner at Old Town Cafe in Dublin.

Simon was entertained at dinner with this new toy from grandma and we were also feeding him his favorite food: avocado.

We called ahead to the restaurant and brought our own crab so that they could make it Singaporean chili style. It was good but not exactly like I remember it. We had to ask it for it less spicy since my mom didn’t want to have it too spicy so that may be part of it but the recipe that I have for the chili crab also includes eggs to make a sauce for the fried buns that go along with it (to see what I mean, check out Mellben Seafood in Singapore!)

I think that Simon may be a little bit backed up or he doesn’t know when to stop eating… but does not seem uncomfortable. Part of this photo is the angle but you can see that his belly is really sticking out.

No real trick or treating for Simon’s first Halloween but hopefully next year when he can walk around by himself and carry his own treat bag.

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