Flipping pages

March 29, 2011

Simon’s belly is awfully round. After he eats, it gets even rounder, like a small basketball.

When we were visiting Singapore, our friends’ son amazed us by being able to flip pages of books that had pages made of regular paper. Simon was only able to open board books and flip pages of board books, he didn’t have the finger dexterity to be able to flip open pages of regular books or magazines. But it looks like he’s learning now, using his thumb to separate the pages.

Here he is experimenting with flipping open the cover.

Success with opening the cover! These are books we bought while in Singapore.

He’s getting more into pointing at objects and trying to talk or possibly to ask us what the object is. Our friends’ son points at items in his picture books to ask you to say what it is. Maybe Simon picked up that from him.

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