Future in Finance

Day 311 = January 7, 2011

Simon was really fascinated with my wallet.

It’s likely because it opens like a book plus it also has cards in it that he tries to take out. I hope it’s not indicative of the future that Simon will be using me as the bank.

Sometimes we make fools of ourselves for Simon. During dinner tonight we let Simon watch some Sesame Street while we finished eating. When we realized that Simon was grooving to the music, we started to sing and dance for him to see if he would dance some more. I laughed when I watched and listened to us.

The sippy cup use continues. This time with milk. I had to hold it for Simon at first.

Then he held it by himself.

But with daddy taking photos, it distracted Simon and he stopped drinking. This outfit is from Auntie Katherine and Cousin Chynna, a good one-piece outfit to keep Simon warm this cold winter.

Simon (and I) survived his first week at daycare. He seems to be doing okay and picking up some good things. The daycare has been trying to move Simon’s morning naptime to after their lunchtime (~11:30am) and it is getting better. We also have asked them to try to put him down for a nap around 4:30-5pm so that he won’t be cranky when we come to pick him up. He seems to still need 2 naps a day. Simon has started taking food from a spoon again so this opens up a whole new world of foods that Simon should be able to eat now. Let’s hope this continues, it’s hard just feeding him finger foods. He was becoming a pretty picky eater.

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