Drinking water from sippy cup

Day 310 = January 6, 2011

Simon has not figured out how to hold a spoon properly yet.

The caregivers said Simon had a good day today. He started eating from a spoon again, is starting to move his naptime to coincide with the other kids, and that the other kids really like to play with Simon. Simon is the youngest and apparently the most fascinating.

Daddy went to do some work and parked the car underneath a tree so when he came back to the car, it was covered in bird feces! Yuck! So we went to a car wash to wash it off before it dried completely and damaged the paint. Simon didn’t have his evening nap so ended up sleeping in the car for a bit.

Later at home Simon amazed us by picking up his sippy cup and drinking his water.

He’s happily holding his own cup and drinking.

This he must have picked up from the other kids because we’ve been trying so long to get him to do this on his own then he just all of a sudden started doing it without prompting.

Daddy and Simon playing in the mirror.

It’s amazing that in just a few days Simon has started doing so many new things.

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