GAP baby

Day 52

At midnight, Simon decided he needed some entertainment and whatever Simon says, we do.  He ended up entertaining us instead as we were tickling and playing with him, he rewarded us with smiles.  Don’t you think he’d make a great baby for GAP ads? (Of course we’re biased because we’re his parents but we think he’s super cute!)


After playtime, Simon totally konked out.


Of course with any new outfit, Simon somehow dirties himself so he had another change of clothes in the morning.  The pants are so cute, little puppy faces for his feet.


Grandma and Grandpa Chung came in the evening to visit.  Simon was very content and promptly fell asleep after being held by grandpa.


Lactation hasn’t gotten much better yet.  Poor Simon seems hungry after nursing so we’re still doing some supplementing with frozen breast milk.  I’ll wait a few more days and try not to stress.

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