Day of rest and relaxation

Day 53

Just what we needed, a day of just resting.  I think it has helped my milk production along with everything else I am doing.  I just really needed some sleep and to de-stress.  We spent most of the day at home except went out for some fresh air and took a walk around downtown and to dinner with friends.  Simon must have been tired out too since he slept a lot.  It’s probably a lot harder for him to nurse since he has to try harder to get the milk to flow.

This is a little bit after midnight where I nursed him for over two hours and he was finally able to be satisfied to fall asleep.  Looks a bit like the shape of a pitchfork or a frog!


We didn’t want to disturb him since he fell asleep on our bed yet I wanted to go to sleep too so we barricaded him in with pillows.  Although he can’t yet turn around by himself yet, better safe than sorry, and also to prevent me from rolling over him.


Napping again on me.  I’ll be so sad when he’s too big to do this.


He had a bit of playtime on his mat.  He can hold his head up for longer but hasn’t figured out how to really use his arms for support or how to keep his feet from slipping.  He’s been cooing a lot to us and also drooling quite a bit.  I’m trying to make him respond to me sticking out my tongue at him, he’s responding a few times but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.


This morning I called Kaiser San Francisco’s Lactation Center Hotline and left a message since I was still concerned my milk wasn’t increasing.  I was pleasantly surprised that they called me back within in a few hours.  Her advice was basically to continue on the same things that I have been doing and encouraged me to continue pumping after each nursing session, even if it is every one hour (ouch!).  If things don’t improve after another week then she advised me to call again.  Slowly but surely things are improving.  I can understand now why so many women give up with the breast feeding because of the frustration.  I’m doing my best to persevere but also to stay calm.  Being stressed doesn’t help anything and makes me irritable; which isn’t good for Simon or Ron.

Due to the stress and exhaustion, I haven’t been as consistent with updating our blog so sorry to our loyal readers.  Now that things are improving, I am in a better state of mind so hope I can keep up with this 🙂

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