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Save a dog’s life today by providing them a safe and loving home. Since the dog show this weekend, I can’t stop thinking about adopting a dog. The time isn’t right at this moment since we live in an apartment so I’m being patient. I came across the Gentle Giants Rescue website in looking for an Irish Wolfhound Rescue in California. I don’t understand how people can abandon or abuse their dogs. This rescue group is doing a lovely thing in focusing on large dogs which I would think would be harder to adopt. Since I’m not interesting in showing dogs and would like a family pet, I think rescue is the best option when the time comes… but check out this site if you’re reading to adopt a “gentle giant” (or they also have “little giants” like Italian Greyhounds – which I also love).

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  1. Barbara Laird


    Unfortunately people abandon and relinquish their dogs all the time … usually with the stupidest reasons there are.

    However, before thinking that Gentle Giants Rescue is such a “wonderful” place, check out what their adopters have to say:

    These are real testimonies from those that have adopted a dog (or two) from GGR stretching out over a period of 6+ years. One would think with that many complaints, the rescue organization would take measures to make things better … unfortunately, year after year nothing changes. The testimonies keep rolling in … all very similar to each other.

  2. JT RC Post author

    I had no idea that Gentle Giants Rescue had so many complaints about their practices. Their website does look great and it seems like they’re doing a great thing but looks like they breed their dogs and don’t take very good care of the dogs before putting them up for adoption. The adoption fee is pretty steep too and the money may be going toward their own use versus for the dogs. Check out the for more testimonials about their practices… likely I won’t be adopting from them in the future unless they clean up their act.

  3. mat

    I adopted my dog from the GGR two years ago. I had a great experience. The adoption process is pretty lengthy…that part I admit was a bit overkill. Yes, the place is a tad dirty…so is every humane society in the country. DOgs are dirty! Cats are too! YOu cant expect the place to be a spic and span department store, your dealing with animals…they have been known to make a mess. The selection varies from week to week, so if you didnt like what you saw, go back another time. I wasnt overly pleased with what I had as choices ,but wasnt dissapointed either. These are rescued dogs, some show dogs, most are not. My dog Bubba is an amazing bullmastiff. He is a giant for sure…140 when I got him and now is 165. I have used the food that they sell/produce and its great stuff. No diarrehea, no sickness etc. If you have never adopted a dog before, you need to do a ton of research about the breeds. I researched giant breeds for a full year before I adopted one. Burt and Tracy were very courteous towards me and my experience and helped out whatever way they could. I was a bit sleighted on his shedding though. I was told Bubs didnt shed much and Bubs actually sheds a ton, but nonetheless, hes a great dog. Also, the money they bring in is to feed and update the dogs who need medical attention, not for their salaries. Some of you people are real jerks and dont think sometimes…know the story, get your facts right…..if you have been to the facility, then you can comment…otherwise,…what do you really know?

  4. JT RC Post author

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to tell their story, although I don’t appreciate the above comment stating “you people are real jerks”, that’s just uncalled for. If you read the stories on, I think you would also be in shock after reading their stories. Can that many people really be lying? I agree that animals can be dirty but if it makes the facility so difficult to keep clean, maybe it means that they shouldn’t be taking in so many animals. I’m probably blacklisted from ever adopting a pet from this rescue so I won’t ever get to see it myself but I don’t think I’ll ever need to as there are plenty of lovely adoptable dogs at our local animal shelters. I’m glad that mat had an “overall” good experience with this rescue but do they do enough good to counteract the bad?

  5. saxon macmurtry

    never, ever ever adopt a dog from this place. they breed giant dogs in their “barns” behind their property and claim they were “rescued” from a shelter. no shelter has 10,000 pure bred large breed dogs running through their doors. then they will charge you an arm and a leg for a sick dog or try to strick you a “special” deal. than they will make you buy their “specialty” dog food. they say their large breed dogs are living 15 – 18 years–impossible. show me the proof and then do some scientific research on your own

  6. Randy

    The original post is so very obvious the Gentle Giant folks themselves just making a post from “somebody who just came across” the GG website. Yeah Yeah. And to the person who defends how dirty the GG facility is because dogs are dirty. Sure they are, but the person caring for them is supposed to clean it up. No legit, well taken care of facility is dirty. Go to Best Friends, Go to the SFSPCA facility, etc. They are clean enough to eat off the floors.

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