R&G Lounge

We met up with a friend at R&G Lounge for lunch. She recently came from Singapore to work and wanted to get together to thank us for helping her get settled in (although we really didn’t do much).

This is a salmon avocado egg roll. It was tinier than I anticipated, each half was only about one bite. It wasn’t my favorite dish, I think as a fresh spring roll would have tasted better.

This is their secret recipe beef. A bit sweet, kind of carmelized and sort of tasting like moist beef jerky but good.

They called this spicy X.O. chicken. It wasn’t spicy but had a good X.O. sauce flavor. I was pleasantly surprised that it was served with snap peas.

This is called Three Treasures with Black Bean Sauce. They are stuffed fried tofu, eggplant, and peppers. They are stuffed with shrimp paste. The red and green peppers were good, they were the spicy peppers, not bell peppers.

The restaurant gave us a coupon for $25 off our next meal (of $50 or more). Thanks to Helen for treating us to lunch! Next time it’ll be on us.

R&G Lounge
631 Kearney Street

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