Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 7, 2014

This is Simon’s tracing tablet where he wrote his name and drew a truck and practiced writing “S”. He sometimes gets the direction reversed and writes “2”.

Yesterday at school they made some Valentine’s Day cards. The envelope has Simon, Daddy, and Mommy. The hearts are for us as well. The one with the truck is for Simon. The bottom card is our house.

Simon’s lunch of veggie chips, chicken tacos, strawberries, and pears. Our boy has been eating up a storm lately and complaining of being tired even after a full night’s rest. We think he must be growing.

It’s been getting chilly so Simon likes to wrap himself in this silk blanket/pillow. He also likes to hide under it for peek-a-boo.

For some reason, Iris really likes this plush banana. She can get a good grip on it and swings it around like she’s going to club you with it so you better watch out!

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