Lunar New Year Celebration at School

Saturday, February 8, 2014

In the late afternoon, Simon’s school had their lunar new year celebration but we still had a whole morning to hang out and prepare. We had a leisurely morning of eating breakfast (yogurt for Iris):

Then Iris had a nap with Annie’s arms.

Simon and I made our dessert for the potluck for the evening’s celebration: paper wrapped cake (zhǐ bāo dàngāo 紙包蛋糕). Simon helped me to sift and stir the ingredients together. The last time I made these was before Simon was born. Literally, a few days before he was born, I baked these but only ate one before I went into labor. By the time we got home from the hospital, they already went bad. So I was excited to try them again because I remember them being very yummy.

We made 1 dozen in a large muffin pan instead of the traditional tall cup tins.

They smelled delicious and ended up tasting pretty good too. Iris really liked them.

It was raining and very foggy by the time we made it to the celebration but we got there safely and the kid’s had practice on the stage. Here they are lining up in their cute outfits.

We also dressed up for the occasion. Iris’ cute outfit is from Grandma Tam.

In between the performances, there was a big raffle and our pharmacies donated and so did our friends at Contra Costa Dentistry (Thanks Tiffany & Alex!). Here are our gift baskets on display.

Here is a video of Simon’s class’ performance. It was so fun and I loved it! Simon appears about 4 minutes into the video and there is a group song at the end. I think Simon was the only kid to grab the microphone in the beginning, too much karaoke?

Afterwards, everyone was eager to remove their traditional wear and just stretch out and play for the rest of the evening.

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