Giants versus Brewers

Day 199

Waking up after a good morning nap. Check out the turtle shell on Pooh’s head… a future Halloween costume or school bag for Simon.

Getting ready for the Giants game tonight. Thank you to Auntie Patsy for the bib.

Simon and daddy heading to the ballpark. Thank you to a random stranger for taking this photo!

Simon’s second time at the ballpark.

Unfortunately, Simon slept for the entire game. He did not have a very long afternoon nap so was tired out by the time the game started. He got a bit cranky but when I covered his head with a blanket and rocked him a bit, he fell asleep. He even slept through the screaming and screeching children behind us. Everyone was amazed he slept so soundly.

Our coworker’s sister was performed at the pregame show for Polynesian Culture Night so also offered us discount tickets. That’s why a bunch of our coworkers went to the game tonight. We all walked away with a souvenir Scorpion bowl. Here are some pictures of our crew from the evening.

Me and our technician Remi.

Me and Ron (this photo needs flash…)

Ed and Julie (a Dodgers fan at a Giants game! hee hee!)

Although the Giants lost, it was still fun. Good eats of course and good company too!

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