All Great People Start Small

Day 198

My little munchkin. Having tummy time to practice crawling.

Great onesie I got at Old Navy recently. “All Great People Start Small”. Gotta love Woodstock 🙂

Hm, I’m not sure if I like this…

Simon is learning to use us as a way to stand up. He will creep over to us and try to push himself up into a standing position. Good way for him to practice.

He is also learning how to take steps to propel him forward while in his Exersaucer. Here he is running around, well almost fully around in a circle. He gets distracted easily so paused at our bedpost.

I don’t know what he’s thinking in this photo but I love his surprised expression.

I did a bit of baking for today. My mom bought me this cupcake pan that makes a big cupcake. It’s actually two pieces that you bake separately then assemble it. It also has an insert so that you can fill the cake with something like ice cream, pudding, etc. The top part of the cake is vanilla (from a box mix) and the bottom is a mocha cake (which I wouldn’t use the same recipe again since it didn’t turn out very well). With the extra batter I made mini cupcakes. The occasion this time was for my co-workers birthdays which are on the same day next week but both will be on vacation so I baked for them today.

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