Girls Day Out

Had a lovely day downtown with the girls today. We first started with breakfast at Amoura which is mostly a salad/sandwich place but they serve breakfast until noon on weekends. There were three of us so we ordered two breakfasts.

On the left is the Amoura special (two eggs, potatoes, sausage, and toast) and on the right is their pancake meal (two pancakes, two eggs, potatoes, and bacon).

After breakfast we headed to the Burke Williams Spa as we wanted to try their new Harmony spa treatment since they are having a special price. It was an interesting treatment. They use a Chinese herb scrub then use a hot stone and a cold stone to massage with. They also use a tuning fork on pressure points on your feet and lower back. It was a weird sensation with the hot stone then a cold stone right after… not unpleasant but just a bit strange at first. Though, it felt really good at my shoulder and neck. My only real complaint about the massage was that there was too much going on in the room when the masseuse had to go to the towel warmer, to put the cold stone in the ice water, to put the hot stone in the crock pot, the pour more ice water into the cold stone bowl, etc… there was just too much movement in the room while I was trying to relax.

We had a nice comforting tea that was so cute.

and it ended with a chocolate truffle when we left. I really like Burke Williams Spa, I wish I could go more often. They have really nice facilities and it is just so relaxing. Sigh.

Since we were inside the spa from 12-3pm, we didn’t have lunch so went for a snack at CeFiore. We ordered the FroYo Waffle which is a freshly made (literally, took 7 minutes to cook) waffle with your choice of frozen yogurt and three toppings. A bit expensive at $6.25 but tasty because we were starving. We chose the raspberry pomegranate frozen yogurt topped with mango, kiwi, and granola.

A day like this is just what the doctor ordered after the week we had last week… I can only be optimistic that this week will be better.

Westfield San Francisco Centre
865 Market Street
Amoura (Level Concourse – Basement)
Burke Williams Spa (Level 5)
CeFiore (Level 2)

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