Going bananas over bananas

Day 321 = January 17, 2011

Simon used his strong chompers to bite his own pieces off a banana. He seemed to enjoy eating it.

Check out Simon’s yogurt goatee.

Simon went today to visit Grandma Chung and his Grand Auntie.

He played there while mommy had a girls’ lunch and spa afternoon. We had lunch at Urban Tavern. We were going to do the Dine About Town menu but decided the regular menu looked more appetizing. We ordered some pub fare, 3 items for $13. This is pub cheese with toast. Very rich.

The meatballs. Perfect for sharing.

The red quinoa salad. Very refreshing.

Their burger. Nothing too memorable but not bad. Also the bacon taters (part of pub fare) and a side of mac’n’cheese.

The crab sandwich. Lots of fresh crab meat on top.

Their desserts were great though. We ended up order the peanut butter cup. The ice cream was delicious but the cup wasn’t very peanut-ey. The sea salt peanut brittle was very good.

We also tried the snack cakes. From top left and clockwise: pumpkin whoopie pie, coconut snowball, ho-ho (made for mousse and a bit of cake), and red velvet swirl cake.

I would go back to this place for the desserts. I had a nice relaxing day off today, thank you Ron and Simon for letting me have a day off!

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