Pushing the car

Day 322 = January 18, 2011

Simon has learned to hit two blocks together to make a “clink clink” noise.

It’s faint but you can hear the “clink clink” sound as Simon plays.

As I mentioned before, Simon seems to be excited about walking again. He was able to push his car by himself back and forth from daddy to me. We were pretty amazed he can move so fast!

I love watching his jiggly little legs. Poor little guy has another cold though, his noise has been runny and has a little bit of cough (probably from post nasal drip) but no fever. I think he passed it to me though, my throat is getting a bit scratchy and my nose a bit irritated. I hope he recovers from this cold faster than the last. His nasal passages are all swollen and our humidifier fan konked out. He hates the saline rinses but we do them anyways since it probably does provide some relief. Poor baby.

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