Going to home sweet home…

While I write this, I’ve already gone from Singapore to Narita, Japan and am now in the airplane to SFO. It’s 8pm Singapore time right now. I won’t get to post this until I land though… another 6 hours or so.

I finished packing pretty late last night and headed out this morning for the airport at 6am with my flatmate Roli. Her flight was about an hour after mine so we thought we’d just share a cab to save some money. This is the first time I’ve flown ANA and so far I can say I am very satisfied. The check-in was a breeze the flight attendants are very friendly plus they constantly walk around serving drinks even when it’s not mealtime! They seem more considerate of the fact that we can’t bring our own drinks on the plane. They also offer other beverages besides just plain water like most airlines… it’s actually OJ, green tea, coffee, etc.

Although, the food on the first flight was a bit disappointing.

The main course was something called a chicken burger with mushroom gravy. The inside of the meat was a bit dry and there wasn’t enough sauce. It also had a hash brown which was mushy and a oily.

The salad was better than the main course but only because it included some sort of shrimp thousand island dressing thing that was very refreshing.

The cheesecake was yucky. Not a very good texture and the fruit had no flavor.

The airplane itself was nice. I had the row to myself as the flight was pretty empty so the gentleman sitting next to me moved to the row behind so he could have the row to himself. Also, behind each chair headrest is a TV where you can choose what you want to watch. I watched the Japanese movie “Hero” about a lawyer and a manslaughter case. It was a cute but a bit random movie.

Before landing in Narita, we got vanilla ice cream. Yum! It was a local ice cream too since it had Malay on it.

On this flight now to SFO, just had dinner I guess you could say.

The main was soy sauce yellowtail served with crab meat on rice and veggies. The fish was nice but maybe a tad dry. The rice was very mushy and not to my taste.

The salad had a yummy salmon and onion side plus pasta shell salad with a slice of beef and ham. It was a bit weird of a combination but was pretty ok.

The cold noodles were yummy and there was also a bun with herb cheese. Yum. For dessert Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream. Can’t be beat. Yum.

I watched the movie “P.S. I Love You” with Hillary Swank, Lisa Kudrow, Harry Connick Jr. etc. It was a sweet movie. I liked it. Makes you think about what you’ve got and how you should appreciate it.

Now the cabin is dark so I think I’m gonna take a nap like everyone else so that when we get to SF, I won’t be so groggy. I slept a bit on the morning flight but I can never get enough sleep.

Almost there! As I mentioned it’s about 8pm Singapore time on Saturday… so have been traveling for about 12 hours total already… another 6 more hours to go. It’ll still be Saturday when I arrive in the US… almost like travelling back to the future 😀

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