La Fondue @ Dempsey Hill Green

So I had a date with Joyce tonight. We had a reservation at 7:30pm for 2 persons at La Fondue @ Dempsey Hill Green.

We arrived about 15 minutes early but the restaurant was empty so they seated us right away. We decided against ordering cheese fondue, I think Joyce’s stomach probably couldn’t handle it after suffering from food poisoning all week. But of course we had to get some sort of chocolate fondue for dessert.

For main courses, Joyce had something called “Sea of Life”, I think it was a sea bass roasted and covered with a buttery cream sauce and served with a small side salad.

I had the Cajun Crusted Fish (not sure what type of fish but a white one) and also served with a side salad. I really enjoyed the greens, had some spicy arugula and some bitter greens. I miss salads.

The main courses did come out a bit slow though. The guy said he just caught the fish so he apologized for taking so long… ha ha right? Thought he was a bit of a joker.

Then guess what happened? Around 7:45pm, I get a call on my phone and I see it’s the La Fondue restaurant calling me. I’m like “huh?” Why would they be calling me if we’re already sitting down? So I answered the phone and I was afraid maybe I’d made the reservation at the wrong La Fondue location… but nope, the waiter was literally behind the bar calling me confirming my reservation and wondering where we were… I said we’re sitting inside the restaurant. He’s like “oh…” and politely hangs up and comes out to apologize. It was hilarious!! Joyce and I were cracking up laughing… the waiter said there were 2 reservations for Jennifer, both party of 2, and I guess he didn’t know which one was our party…

But the only reason I can’t fully believe it is that there aren’t that many people in Singapore named “Jennifer”…

Oh well, at least we got free entertainment with our dinner… the rest of the night he kept on doing silly things like when I waved him down for the check, he turned around to look outside the window like I was waving at someone outside, before coming over… so funny…

Anyways, now for the fondue… Joyce and I had a bit of a hard time decided since they have about 12 different types of chocolate fondues: orange, mint, caramel, cookies & cream, white, dark, milk, etc

In the end we chose the cookies & cream dark chocolate fondue because we found out the cookies were Oreos!! Boy, we made the right choice…

It is also served with a platter of fruits and ice cream… but it wasn’t really enough for how much chocolate there was so we ordered an additional plate of fruits (without ice cream).

The fondue pot is a bit different at this restaurant, they use a double boiler instead of a candle… basically a stainless steel pot with water inside and the ceramic bowl with the chocolate is placed in the steel pot. This is all put on a electric hot plate built into the table. This is probably easier to take care of even though more expensive.

Our dinner for 2 cost SGD$100, after a 15% discount from using American Express.

Next time I want to try the cheese fondues… they have many different types of cheeses in their fondue pots. This will have to be after Joyce recovers though… she actually tried oral charcoal for her food poisoning and found that it works well. It’s so strange to me that charcoal comes as tablets in Singapore whereas in the US, I think it only comes in a gel in a tube or powder to mix and it’s hard to find. Charcoal in Singapore can be bought at any pharmacy by consulting with a pharmacist.

Joyce with her charcoal tablets

Still learning the tricks of the trade here…

I’m leaving for US in the morning! Yay!

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