Dragon Village Steamboat

My goodness, I think we’ve been eating way too much… more on that in a bit.

This morning I went to wait in line (aka in SG: Queue or Q’ing) to pick up my Employment Pass (EP) from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). I need this pass in order to stay in Singapore to work. I’d originally applied for a Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) to let me stay in Singapore (“to stay with my husband”) but I actually did not need it because we travelled in and out of the country each month. But I need the EP in order to continue working and it took me a long time to get one because I was waiting for my letter from the Singapore Pharmacy Board plus I didn’t actually have the time to collect the EP since they aren’t open late and I’ve been at work.

When I got to MOM, my Q No. was 252 and they were only on 112! I like their Q’ing system here though, they have different letters for different services so it’s more specialized service, or else I think the wait would’ve been longer. It wasn’t so bad though, I just studied while I waited and it took about 2 hours for me to turn in my paperwork. I won’t be able to collect my EP until next week.

I went to shop at Central for some shoes and tops before heading home.

Tonight for dinner we planned on trying all-you-can-eat “steamboat BBQ”. I’m used to this kind of food being called “hot pot” or “shabu shabu” where you cook raw food in soup or on a grill. We had heard of these places here in Singapore where it is $12 for all-you-can-eat.

So we went with a few friends to this place called Dragon Village at Marina South.

Look at all the geckos crawling on the sign:

The place was actually $13 per adult, $7 for large bottles of beer, and $1.50 for other drinks. Ice cream included!

We piled high plates of food and started cooking.

They had chicken broth or tom yum broth. They had chicken (sesame, satay, chili), bbq marinated beef, seafood (crab, shrimp, squid, many types of fish), veggies, tofu, cooked foods, and fruits.

The meats:

The seafood:

Our happily full group:

There were arcades and a bowling alley next door so the guys played some games.

I think next week we’ll (at least I’ll) be eating vegetables and fruits only and get away from all the protein and starch 😛

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